Let us introduce you to our authors :

Jean-François Brodeur

Jean-François Brodeur (President of JBM Logic inc.) :

Graduated from McGill University in management and data-processing science, Mr. Brodeur has cumulated more than 20 years of expertise at various levels and has implemented INTEGRA e-business™ in more than 50 companies across North America. Mr. Brodeur is a system integration specialized in multi-users environment. His certifications and experience allowed him to develop a high level of expertise in technology integration. Experienced with client/server technologies and N-tiers system for more than 15 years, he has developed an expertise specific to the level of the relational data bases Oracle. His academic background combined with his technical skills make him an expert at ERP implementation.


Caroline Cholette

Caroline Cholette :

Mrs. Cholette is graduated from Montreal University in science and from Sherbrooke University, where she obtained a MBA. She has more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development in IT sector. She began her career for a small software company in Montreal and sold software for big business of the North America industry. Subsequently, she worked for the multinational ADP Canada for several years before going back to the knowledge enterprises. She is director of business development at JBM Logic inc. since 2011.

Richard Landry

Richard Landry :

In 1981, Mr. Landry graduated from Laval University in management and in 1987 from Sherbrooke University, where he obtained a MBA. Early in his career he worked in accounting as an external auditor. After his master’s degree, he worked in marketing and business development.

Then, he taught business administration for five years. During those years, he helped some companies in various fields. Subsequently, he participated actively in the implementation and success of the European concept ‘‘Practice Firms’’ in Quebec. This network of 2 000 virtual enterprises on every continent, allow some people to develop their knowledge and gain experience while making an active job search. Since 1999, he leads his enterprise of consultation and training ‘’Vision Management’’, by which he helps SMEs to find solutions to their issues and enable them to develop themselves to their full potential.