JBM Logic inc. at a glance ?

JBM Logic inc. is a company who works in the industry of ERP systems for 25 years. The mission of the company is: Provide and develop a flexible e-business solution which empowers our customers to reach their full potential and surpass competition. JBM Logic inc. was able to stand out and serve North American customers by developing and commercializing INTEGRA e-business.

INTEGRA e-business is a modular parametric and customizable Web solution aimed at the manufacturing and distribution industry. It is a Web centric mid-market ERP, CRM and e-catalogue solution using leading edge technology.

The benefits of INTEGRA e-business :

  • Award winning
  • Accessible in real time from any location
  • Allows easy deployment to all your users local or remote, without requiring expensive third party technologies.
  • Internet functionality
  • Personalized service : training, technical support and infrastructure maintenance

For more information visit our website, www.jbmlogic.com, or contact us at 1-800-799-6839 or by email [email protected]

Why JBM Logic inc. has its own blog ?

JBM Logic inc. is in an evolving industry, and to stay a leader, the company must know everything about the latest news. So, this blog has been created to share their opinions and help SMEs to better understand the changes in the industry.


Jean-François Brodeur


President’s word :

« Hi, this is the main JBM Logic inc. blog. As CEO of JBM Logic inc. I will use this blog to write about business in general and our product INTEGRA e-business™. With the impact of the general economy on our clients in theUSandCanadait will be my first order of the day to talk and quote economists on the subject. »



Jean-François Brodeur
President of JBM Logic inc.